My Playlist 08/08

I have been a bit lazy with my music for the past couple of months since I have been listening to online content or just going through some old CDs. I was too lazy to make new playlists, but since fixing up a large amount of my content with iTunes and easily making new playlists.

  • Will.I.Am – One More Chance
  • Game ft. Keysha Cole – Game’s Plan
  • Esttella ft. Kanye West – American Boy
  • Chris Brown – Forever
  • Metro Station – Shake It
  • Busta Rhymes – We Made It
  • The Dream – I Luv Your Girl
  • Baby Bash – Don’t Stop
  • Bob Sinclair – What I Want
  • Cold Play – Viva La Vida
  • Casely ft. Flo Rida – Emotional (Remix)
  • Lil Wayne – Lolipop
  • Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah
  • T.I. – No Matter What
  • Snoop Dogg ft. Charlie Wilson – Can’t Say Goodbye
  • Three 6 Mafia – Lolli Lolli
  • Sara Bareilles – Love Song

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zombie-commando: I have a few but nothing new really!

    eshda3wa: looool! Its fun!

    Laialy: its nice!

  2. i luv ur girl is cool but i prefer Nikki & She Needs My Love. Have u heard Kat Deluna’s album? it’s pretty good. Also Usher’s and J Holiday’s albums r good.

  3. AL

    lolli lolli lolli lolli let me see you pop that body !!!!

    3-6 Mafia!

    Keep sharing you playlist every week

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