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Review: Blackwater – The Rise Of the World’s Most Power Mercenary Army – Jeremy Scahill

There was a time you kept hearing about Blackwater the security firm. I decided to pick up this book to see what the hype was all about. You would think that we do have an ideae about what is going on with the US military in Iraq and other areas of US military interest. As I started reading this book you get a feeling of being an insider on the plans that were being made for the Iraq invasion, but there is more to it then that. The private military industry has been riding a high tide of the Bush administration no longer a tool of the small countries but an integral part of the US military force. You are reading through this book and can’t believe that it is real and that all this is going on. It explains the reason for a lot of what is happening around the Middle East and other areas of military activity. I recommend this book to any person interested in US miltary activities and their reasoning for their approach in their aggressive foreign policy.

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