Titan Exhaust Air Jack

Its always a hassle to change a spare tire, especially in this heat. This is the type of tool that can make the tire change really easy and simple. Within minutes your car can be lifted 30 inches off the ground using your exhaust and it can stay lifted for 45 minutes, and only takes 5 minutes to deflate. Comes in several sizes and starts at $120, when you need it you will love the day you bought it.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. its available at Ace Hardware for KD14

  2. DVLz

    check youtube they have few videos of how this works in action. Just type “exhaust jack” in the search bar.

  3. that would be useful if IF i even needed to change a tire but i’d first have to learn how to change a tire!

  4. hi

    we’ve used this jack in 98..very very bad idea…first of all if for eg u have a screw loose somewhere, it just rips the baloon to pieces and then u have to start all over again..and another thought, would u go under the car with a baloon holding the car up???????..sounds scary for me!!

  5. you’re not supposed to go under the car at all, its meant for changing tires or getting you unstuck from sand or something..

  6. hi

    ohoo 3ad il thra6..chub chub oo akrimna ib skootk wint itfalsaf

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