At 190 Kgs and pumping out 190 bhp, this monster of a German machine is going to cause a ripple in the motorcycle market. The Germans are chomping the Japanese’s ass, I can’t wait to see how the production machine is going to look like. The plan is to have this machine on sale by the end of 2009, it will be scaring a few people. I do like the attitude the Germans have been taking a little risk with their designs and machines, and if the specs and video are anything to go by then this is going to be one hell of a machine.

Link: MCN

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  1. jasmin

    would you rather have this when they release this breathtaking bike?

  2. The 190 over 190 is lethal -now-, but i believe BMW is too late…other manufacturers are going why over\below that.

    BMW plan was to have the S1000RR ready by 2009, but now its delayed -again-for one more year, they thought it was easy to catch up with Italians and the Japanese.

  3. HA! We germans did it again! :)
    This thing looks like it will tear the asphalt apart …

  4. Evil Knievel :
    When did you do it the first time so you are doing it again now?

    Don’t get me wrong….i love German cars\technology

  5. Wilhelm Maybach -German- was the third to built a car after the French Nicolas Joseph Cugnot and Amedee Bollee.

    The first car that was manufactured in quantities is the Oldsmobile in the US.

    I believe the Japanese were the first to put an engine on a bicycle, i have to google that to make sure.

  6. I believe the first best thing the Germans did is the Holocaust -if there was one-

  7. The Holocaust is something more important and worth to be proud about more than the car, if i were you i would brag about that ;-)

  8. JoJo

    This a poor way to discuss technical maters !!

    The first motorized bicycle was made in France 1863

    There should be no questions about the achievements of the human race in the field of mobility. It is not a single person or nation.everybody depended on others before him

    Who invented the wheel,,,,,without which no cars or motorcycles or or or or

  9. JoJo:

    We are having fun here, don’t take too serious ;-)

  10. i saw a vid of that bike,, i believe it was made to race in the 1st place,, after that it will be available for the streets.

    a liter bike for BMW!!! priced well, will make a strong competition with ducati but not the japanese.

    i can see it in Marzouq’s garage lol (^_^) “

  11. JoJo


    Fair enough but when you start mentioning The Holocaust,then it is a whole new ball game. Glad you were having fun & did not mean any harm

  12. It is a great piece of machinery! lol Vampire I don’t think it will be in my garage right away! I wish it was, I would like to see one first! I’m just waiting for my RC8!

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