Romain Jerome Day & Night Watch

Some people consider time pieces art work, and I think I do have a certain appreciation for these time pieces. And some of these time pieces have very high pricing due to the craftsmanship behind them, but this watch feels more like a gimick then a piece of art. Romain Jerome somehow secured the remains of the Titantic and it is the only company able to use the materials of this historic ship, and from these materials they created a line of limited watches, and they have been very successful and so to continue on this route they have created the Romain Jerome Day & Night Watch. The best thing about this watch is that it can’t tell time, but it can tell day and night, and they consider it a revolutionary idea. Personally I think its a marketing gimick, but it was another success for them, they made only 9 pieces of these at $300’000 each and sold them all.

Price: $300’000

Link: OhGizmo

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  1. punky

    guess what i can tell if its day or night without spending $300,000/-. I think they should call it the Romain Jerome Stupid Idiot Watch.

  2. DVLz

    hahaha I saw this the other day and I thought you might post it on your blog and finally you did.

  3. thats just an insane amount for a watch! you can pay me that much and i’ll tell you if its day or night :p

  4. Punky: agreed!

    DVLz: hehehe! I do like the odd watch!

    Laialy: hahaha! For how long?

    hi: lol

    The M Code: lol

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