Super Aramex

In mailbox: 23/8/08

In Kuwait: 24/8/08

This really doesn’t make any sense, I have never seen something delivered this quick, let alone somebody to get from the US to Kuwait that fast. I saw the item arrive in my mailbox by the 23rd of August and I have it delivered by the 24th is nothing short of a miracle, I don’t know if this was a mistake or a few changes taking place but I hope it continues that way.

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  1. Aliman

    Thats pretty impressive, so which service is this?
    Think I want to sign up for a bunch of stuff from the states, you think they would ship something like the roomba?

  2. maybe ur item didnt really arrive on 23rd

    check with the website u ordered from , and track the exact arrival date

  3. Happened with me too .. It was delivered to Aramex by the 22nd, shipped on the 23rd, in Kuwait by the 24th.

  4. Mistake or not, that is pretty impressive! Inshallah it will always be like that :)

  5. احلم للحلم من الواقع ..
    وان طلع حقيقه يبين لك شكثر انهم مو دقيقين بشغلهم

    بس يمعود اهم شي بتوصلك بسرعه لوووول

  6. hmikail

    It happened to me 2 weeks ago with my wifi radio…orderd it on Thursday and got it in my living room on Saturday morning (but from the UK).

    I’m not bragging, just because I joined aramex couple of months ago as Shopping Services Marketing Manager for the GCC, but honestly, I was quiet shocked myself. Yes, I’ve had shipments delayed before, etc. etc. but over all, I’ve been using the service for years (maybe that’s why they hired me..hahahahah)…

    Kuwait is my hottest market (product wise) and i’m heading over there next Sunday & Monday…plus..great time to go back home, catch up with friends/family, have some good ole Farah Shawarma!! maybe get lucky with finding the Banak dude in Salwa too!!

    Please feel free to send me any feedback on the service..cuz I’ll always be listening and trying to improve things!!


  7. aloha

    how come mine takes forever to arrive!!

  8. Aliman: They would ship anything, from Aramex service.

    Murqab: It did arrive at that time!

    K: Interesting!

    punky: lol

    Shaymaa: Inshalla!

    The Talker: Inshalla they always ship fast! hehehe!

    hmikail: Hassan, thanks for dropping in, I do hope the service keeps improving.

    Laialy: parts and a little more, helmet visor. Lots of stuff to enjoy once they arrive

    aloha: I have no clue!

  9. Hassan Mikail

    Hi everyone…you think you can round up a few people in Kuwait, say, 3-4, who are friends and regulars for SS and can have some sort of discussion on the service, expectations, etc.?? If not in person, I’m also fine with a telecon. or maybe even online chat or something….

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