Earlybird In the Morning

I was feeling like some scrambled eggs and sausages, so I decided to go to Earlybird early friday morning. I was hungry in the morning so I knew I was going to enjoy my meal. The best part is the drive to Fahaheel that early in the morning, the roads are empty and clear making it a lot more fun while listening to the right music. Suprisingly around 8:00 am the place was full and we only had one table available.

We ordered our food and within 10 minutes we had our meals, my friend had pancakes and I was having scrambled eggs and beef bacon. It was very tasty just as last time, and headed home.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. H

    Looks yummy
    Where is it located at? I remember I saw an article about the place in a magazine but don’t remember where, what else do they have on the menu?

  2. Looks like a nice place! Where exactly is it located in Fahaheel?

  3. Asim

    Outside is not so fancy but inside is nice…food also looks good…other people is not upset because you take picture of them?

  4. nazyq8

    location please…

  5. Mohammad

    wheres the location

  6. popcorn


  7. 3awafiii that looks so good!

  8. jewaira

    What a lovely place Marzouq! Such nice photos too :-)

  9. q8expat

    where is this located in Fahaheel…. some directions please…

  10. The information as stated by K earlier:
    Block 8
    Street 43
    Building 9
    Google Maps:

    H: Its located in Fahaheel!

    Amu: The location above!

    vampire: Its cool!

    Asim: Nobody cared that I was taking pictures!

    Mohammad: Location above, don’t drink coffee

    Laialy: Cool!

    nazyq8: Above

    Mohammad: Above

    popcorn: Google maps!

    N: Thanks!

    jewaira: It was good! :)

    q8expat: Above

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