1. plastic

    damint i hate change

  2. jitaroo

    This hasn’t been confirmed yet though, there is another rumor going around that the arcade SKU is dropping $80 and getting a motion controller in september, loaded with the new xbox experience. Major Nelson’s gonna be demo-ing it at PAX saturday/sunday

  3. بصراحه مو عاجبتني ، احس كام ممكن يسوون احسن من جذي ، احسها يهاليه اكثر من انها حق شباب وكبار ، حتى حركة الصور والعرض .. خلاص احترقت سووها ابل قبلهم.

  4. plastic: I think it will look cool!

    jitaroo: There is a lot of changes taking place, it seems by the end of the year their will be some changes!

    The Talker: I don’t think it will be bad, I think it will look good!

    The M Code: loool!

  5. Jitaroo

    I ment that the release date was unconfirmed. When Major Nelson demo-ed it he started off by saying that no release date has been set.

    If its going to be the same as last year’s, it should be out Decemberish

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