Review: BMW iPod Interface

I have been using my iPod Touch for some time now, and thought to use it with my car. After some search I found a few units, but it turns out there is an OEM unit from BMW meant to integrate with the system.

This is the break of audio controls from the BMW Audio Interface, it replaces the CD Changer menu:

  • CD1 – Playlists
  • CD2 – Artist Names
  • CD3 – Album Title
  • CD4 – Music Genre
  • CD5 – Pod Cast
  • CD6 – Displays a certain amount of songs from the music library


  • Excellent Sound Quality – Fiber Optic Connection
  • Easily installed – Took about 50 mins
  • Works with all iPods
  • Relatively cheaper then other iPod integration units
  • Uses BMW audio control to interface with the iPod
  • Loads items relatively quickly


  • Replaces CD Changer but can easily be returned without any issues. Personally it has no affect on me since I still have 2 slots in the center console, one for DVD/Navigation and one for CD.

These aren’t the best pictures in the world, it was probably because we were cramped and it was humid outside so we just kept on snapping away and wanted to finish it as fast as possible. Now after getting it all done, I wanted to take step by step shots but we wanted to finish up and go somewhere cool.

Overall I think this is an excellent unit, easily installed and it requires no changes to your OEM system. The only real issue I have is the BMW Audio interface itself, so doesn’t matter which unit you install this is the drawback of them all, I wish it would be a little quicker or easier to go through. I do recommend this unit to anyone who wants to use their iPod with their BMW, it works perfectly.

Price: 125 KD from Dealership – $300 Online


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. music mass storage in the car,, best was to go

    i’ll start looking for systems to go with my car,, i’m sick of CD players,, even though it’s mp3 compatible but mass storage is the ultimate was to go

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Nice job M. In my opinion there is no need of mass storage in the car since in Kuwait most of you journeys maximum 30 minute (as for Marzoog driving fast, less than 15 min) you will be changing the songs till you reach your destination.
    That’s just my opinion.

  3. mass storage will let u listen to whatever song pops in your mind with changing the CD!!! that’s also dangerous while driving,, opening your 120 CD’s case!!!! mass storage is the way to go

  4. Corolla Man (AE86)


    Listen to the Radio, to get familiar with the countries culture or the BBC. :)

  5. lfc-q8

    bmw now has the new ipod adapter which uses usb drvie in the center counsel and the 09 models will come with a 40gb hard drive with thier new idrive system
    i have bmw adapter for over 3 years and i love it never used a Cd since even thou u can store songs in mp3 format on ur Cd`s 700mb and DVDs 4.7gb but ipod rules

  6. A.

    looks good, what website do u recommend that i can order it from? or did u get it from the dealership?

  7. Daddyz Girl

    Excellent timing marzouq :p which reminds me lfc-q8 need ur help once im back .. want u to hook me up big bro ;)

  8. lfc-q8

    daddyz ur car should have the usb option with it we just need to order the cable

  9. A.

    lfc? know where i could order the ipod kit like marzoug’s? or should i just get it from here?

  10. lfc-q8

    bmw kuwait

  11. Vampire: I agree! It is the best way to go and especially with the Apple you can create all your playlists and all that you want to do!

    Corolla Man: It doesn’t matter about the journey as much as the choice of variety!

    K: yup

    lfc-q8: exactly the iPod is great! Yeah it seems the new models come with this option! I had to install it since mine is a few years old!

    Daddyz Girl: You have your answer there!

    A: BMW Dealership have it, just give then your VIN number

  12. Amo

    Is the interface compatible with 2002 mini cooper? I have been searching for something like this …Thanks a bunch!

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