San Fran Drive Up

While in San Francisco I was helping a friend with his new home since I was staying there during my minor vacation. He would go to work while I would pick up a few things to accessorize the house, plus I would run a few errands. The other day me and friend drove up to the city to pick some items from Crate and Barrel, and I really didn’t mind the drive. There was an art exhibition in Union Square which was really nice to see, we decided on Cheese Cake Factory since it was close by and I parked the truck in commercial parking since I have those plates, and it is a big truck that won’t fit in normal parking. I wanted to go riding in the city but I didn’t have a chance, its just so nice with an amazing cool breeze. Its a little chilly but fantastic sunny weather which is the best part of San Francisco.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Why do i feel something Kuwaiti in the pictures? Don’t know.

  2. Isn’t that your truck that was stolen or something? Congrats on getting it back!!!!

    I love exhibits on the street, especially when the weather is so nice.

  3. Sin

    That truck you own looks like you’re riding on the first floor. its bangin’!

  4. punky

    yeah i thought it was stolen?

  5. The M Code: lol! No clue!

    Shaymaa: Thanks, I’m writing up the story! Same here!

    Laialy: Thanks! It does the job!

    Sin: Thanks! Its high enough!

    Punky: It was but long story!

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