Throat Itch

Its one of those annoying things that creep up on you. I was fine a few days ago and I felt a slight itch in my throat, really didn’t think much about it. After one night’s sleep I woke up the next morning feeling that my throat was a clogged pipe, took effort to cough it out. Thats when you go for the strepsils, and I kept eating those like candy it did help for a bit but not as much as I’d liked. It has gotten worse over the past 48 hours but drinking warm drinks like herbal tea really does help calm it down and as long as I don’t talk too much I’m fine, but it doesn’t look like its going away any time soon. Its from the humidity from the past couple of days and going in out of air conditioned areas which probably caused this, I’m just crossing my fingers that it will go away.

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  1. Glen

    Hey Marzouq…. i slept on Sunday night with a perfect throat and nose… Woke up monday morning n i felt as if someone was choking me n my nose just wont stop… Just heading to the hospital now.. coz m just tired of coughing :))

    Get well soon!!!

  2. Salamaaaaat it sucks really, maybe you should take something for it speed up the recovery

  3. sulaiman al m.

    Salamaaaaat matshoof shar :)

    Marzoooooooq! tukfaa ishabaaab bedawam yabooon ishofooon 9ooorat machboos !

  4. Salamat oo matshoof shar….
    I have strepsils…. they make your mouth dry….
    Try having tea with milk and natural honey….
    Or just a spoon of natural honey when you first wake up…. the golden olden recipies ;pPp

  5. strepsils are crap,, use Anginova or something similar

  6. salamat

    strepsils won’t do much in this case.

    it’s a traditional (sore throat) which will remain for few days and then disappear

    you could try chewing natural (Bee Wax with propolis)


    try gargling with warm water mixed with Garlic paste

    the later is very good, but i don’t think you would prefer to do it :)

  7. Zabo0o6a

    Salamat , that happened to me last friday then got worse through out the week :/ and turned into flu.
    Try lemon with hot water and honey that what helped me the most, get well soon dear..

  8. If it hurts when you swallow, then I’m sorry to say that you have a throat infection. It will only go away with medication. You have to go to a doctor. They’ll prescribe a certain pill. Twice a day for a week, you’ll be as good as new. In the meantime, here’s something to really soothe your throat. Add salt to a glass of hot water, gargle, spit out, repeat. It might not sound appealing but it will really soothe your throat. Hot drinks for example like lemon and hot water like Zabo0o6a suggested might also help.

  9. Salamaaat buddy. Tea and LOTS OF HONEY really helps … bss haven’t checked before it gets worse

    stay healthy :)

  10. jewaira

    a whole sliced lemon, rind and all, steeped in hot water and a generous dose of honey acts as an antiseptic and a great relief for tickly sore throats. Drink in large quantities

  11. Glen: Thanks, got well! I hope you did too!

    N: I did after some time!

    Sulaiman: loool! Asawer el machooos, lat 7aaty!

    Hamitaf: I have tried a few things and it has improved!

    Vampire: I agree, it didn’t help as much as I liked

    Hamoud: I did a few things as hell as the honey, it did work.

    pearls: alah esalmich!

    Zabo0o6a: The honey did the job!

    DnG: The medication did help as well as some honey! Alah esalmich! :)

    Laialy: The honey worked!

    jewaira: i kept eating honey with bread and it did great!

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