London Ariel Shots

I came across these pictures while searching for some pictures of London. Jason Hawkes took these amazing pictures, in the link there are a lot more great pictures. I have taken pictures from plane window before but they are horrible in comparison. Turns out he took these pictures while attached to a helicopter and balancing the camera on a gyro stabilized camera mounts which is fantastic. Take a look at this pics at the link.

Link: Boston

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. London… oh I was last there on monday. I miss it so much. Such a beautiful city (save the weather and transportation hassles though)

  2. ee … nafs illy 3indina bilKuwait. Exactly the same, except we have more rivers. 6al, ha? :P

  3. WOW, mashalla amazing
    He is really a talented photographer!

  4. Jewaira

    Wow Marzouq those shots are amazing!

  5. poshlemon: I don’t mind the transportation hassles! A lovely city as you said!

    Laialy: very nice!

    DnG: looool!

    technogal: Agreed!

    Adrenaline: your kidding! I love it!

    nq: cars, lots of them!

    weeknds: Very talented!

    Jewaira: Beautiful shots!

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