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The new season is upon us and all the new shows start this September. I’m enjoyin g these shows and I’m still catching up with Weeds and BattleStar Gallactica which are fantastic shows. I just start BattleStar Galactica last week and it is a fantastic show, I have all of it in 720p so I am enjoying it. This is going to be a great season since hopefully they won’t be any strikes and the shows can pick up their stories again.

What I’m Watching:

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. since the first time ever you mentioned “weed” I’ve wanted to watch it. Now I’m even more eager

  2. Lexicon


  3. clayton

    1>Entourage is an awsome show to watch they start thier 5th season on september 6th. The other 4 seasons can be downloaded or its even avialabe on DVD.
    2> Scrubs
    3> NIP Tuck is another great series

  4. Jewaira

    Am not much of a TV show watcher but in that setting, like in the photo, I bet I would be converted.

  5. gossip girl is coming back on monday yaaay!

    And Weeds Season 4 is coming out nicely ;p weird but nice!

  6. Weeds is great, its only getting better.. the story is getting more interesting

  7. Salah: You should its good!

    Lexicon: I have it but haven’t started watching it!

    clayton: Scrubs is funny, got bored of NipTuck

    Jewaira: You just have to be in the right setting as you said!

    Jacqui: Its awesome!

    N: Very interesting for sure!

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