Centralizing the Network

My network consolidation steps have failed as I post about this earlier. My main problem was that I have multiple machines and multiple storage machines, so for the longest time I  had a lot of items spread out in different locations.

I have two separate networks since I have two ISPs coming in and I want to combine there speeds which is possible with the right setup but it didn’t work out for me and I’m not up for testing all over again. I’m thinking about trying a piece of equipment later, but I don’t want to purchase a load balancer.

I tried something different this time around, I connected both network cables to the two ethernet ports on the back of my power house PC. Its an Nvidia motherboard with two ethernet ports and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be if I plugged them both in, but as soon as I did it accepted the second IP Address. At that point I was able to see both networks and so for the past week I have been shifting data to my Windows Home Server (Bunker-Server).


  • TV Shows (Done)
  • Anime (Done)
  • Movie (Done)
  • Photos (TBD)
  • Music (TDB)
  • Other Files (TBD)

But the drawback is that the transfer has to go through the main PC but luckly the main PC is powerful enough to handle the huge transfers while doing other tasks and I have delegated downloads to the two other PCs.

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  1. Yeah, that’s not a bad idea, going through that PC if it can handle the network. Couldn’t you just add a gigabit router to the network and add a static route map on it? That seems easier to manage than having it done through a PC.

  2. My Mac has Azue running all the time, its connected to my HD 42LCD and the sound system so i watch my movies and browse the net directly form there at the same time Azue is still running, its also running an FTP server and a http server -i stopped the http it was just for testing-

    I have another very old mac for storage so once am done with a movie i just move it there,

    Even when am away i log to mac remotely to check on my downloads, and i use the ftp to add new torrents to Azue….u pay for a 2mb then you have to juice it.

    Get a Mac they can handle the abuse and still manage to look and act cool, not to mention the 1GB ethernet and wireless N.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but bonding two internet connections together at the router will not give you more speed, it will only allow you to max out one connection.

    So when someone else starts to download a large file the router will send them over to the other connection.

    I’d like to know how you’d merge the two connections without the load balancer.

  4. N: I don’t want to have a static route map, I prefer just having go through the main PC without any issues. I don’t want to have to keep configuring routers when this simple patchwork is working!

    Adrenaline: I can access my ftp and all my connections without an issue, the issue is just combining networks.

    Shaymaa: Through a router you can bound it to load balance, but with certain load balancers you can aggrigate the connections to get more speed, so that works. My Nvidai motherboard seems to be handling it without any issue.

    popcorn: I know but it does require some work and effort that I am not willing to put into it.

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