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Insane Vehicle Detailing

I don’t think there is a person out there who doesn’t like to a have a clean car, but this is one amazing job. I probably detail my car once every three to four months and this person detailed his car to another level. This detailing was done by a UK company it took four days and 1300 British Pounds. It includes all forms of cleaning as well as major scratch and paint correction. They also take pieces of plastic off the car to clean it correctly which is great, the picture above is before the wash and the picture below is after, but take a look a link below for a detail breakdown of all the steps taken, its fantastic.

The car looks amazing after all that work, they really cleaned it up. The only place I know in Kuwait that even comes close to it is Al Falah Car Wash after the work they did with my vehicle. They usually take a two days per vehicle or a little more depending on what they are doing.

Link: Detailing World