Watching BattleStar Galacttica

I always knew that this show was really good but until I started it I didn’t know what I was missing. If you have any inclination towards sci-fi then this series for you. I finished season1 and the miniseries within a few days and I’m already on season 2. The storyline is great and the characters are nothing short of fantastic. I’m enjoying every episode, I just wish I had more time to watch more episodes.


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  1. gen

    honestly, i’m surprised to see someone else besides me in kuwait who watches BSG! That show is fab, and every season gets better and better.. are you a cylon?

  2. Komsomol

    Just wait till you hit the God bits…

  3. Not Dead Yet

    I just have to ask…

    God bits…??

  4. I tried watching it.. couldn’t.. :P

    I reached like ep.8 or 9 or something season1, but it was a bit too micky mousy.. ma gedart.

    man I lost your number, how do I go about getting it back?

  5. popcorn

    thank the gods for this show. i cant wait for it to come back

  6. *sigh* I’m envious of you. I finished watching the entire series and now I can’t look forward to anymore. Honestly, it’s unlike any other sci-fi series I’ve seen. Even the soundtrack is beautiful! I used the intro music for a project, back in college. Anyways, enjoy and make it last :P

  7. Hey, in case you watched Stargate Atlantis, how does this rate compared to it? I have barely any time and am getting a bit choosy about what I pull from the DVD library….

  8. Not Dead Yet

    Like Edward James Olmos said, the only bad thing about this show is its name. People tend to be put off with a name like “Battlestar Galactica”, sounds too cheesy. Hell, I was hesitant at first because of its name. But once I got around watching it, it FRACKED my world! I (o a3ootho billah min kilmat “I”) am a TV show junkie and I have seen my fair share of TV, and I can personally say that its one of my top 5 all-time shows right up there with 24, Weeds and others that I’m too damn tired to remember at the moment (9yam :s).

    Heck, I got the intro track as my ring tone(I don’t know why I just said that)!

  9. gen: It is fantastic!! I’m not a Cylon!!!!

    Komsomoi: Its great!!! Fantastic!!

    Not Dead Yet: The God Bits are crazy!

    falantan: email me, you can start at that! And its a great show!

    popcorn: lol!

    DnG: I’m trying to make it last! The show is fantastic, episode after episode its fantastic!

    Azariath: BSG is much better then Stargate Atlantis, Atlantis is entertaining but BSG is soooo muc better!

    Not Dead Yet: Its a crazy show, and like you said its one of my top 10 shows!

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