1. Komsomol

    No Bow Wow? :P

  2. I know its going to be good because Vin Diesel is in it.

    Er ..

  3. ar53nal14

    The first minute of the trailer was bad…………..very.

  4. After he did that movie… the Pacifier… eeek!

  5. everytime one of these movies are made someone has to try a stunt they did in the movie -_-

    The trailer is pretty awesome

  6. tartooob

    Looks amazing !! Thanks for the trailer :) I can never get bored from Fast & Furious

  7. Komsomoi: lol

    K: lol!

    as53nal14: hahaha!

    vampire: your kidding!

    eshda3wa: yup

    Shaymaa: That was a mistake!

    KTDP: too far!

    Laialy: The trailer looked good!

    tartoob: no prob! Neither can I! I have a seen Tokyo Drift a ton of times!

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