Downloads 09/08

I have been downloading some movies recently and a lot of anime. And now I’m just remembering all the shows and movies that I haven’t downloaded them and adding them to the list, the best part is finding the good old school movies. I don’t know why I have the sudden urge to watch all the Harry Potter movies at one go, but that would require a lot of time.


  • Made of Honor 720p
  • Jerry Maguire 720p
  • Secret 720p
  • Blade Runner Final Cut 1080p
  • You Don’t Mess With The Zohan
  • Speed Race
  • The Happening
  • Columbus Day 2008 720p
  • Hancock


  • Birds of Prey (Complete)
  • Long Way Round (Complete)
  • Fifth Gear
  • Gossip Girl (S2E01)
  • Burn Notice
  • Prison Break (S4E1/2)


  • Requiem from the Darkness
  • Vandread First and Second Stage

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  1. Eddy

    fifth gear!! honestly!! start watching top gear!!

  2. Not Dead Yet

    I was in Dubai a couple of weeks back and got the Birds of Prey complete series from the airport. I remember when it aired in the US, it was a fun watch. Didn’t watch it again yet, but I hope it still stands.

    Next on my list of not-so-old oldies-but-goodies to get is Firefly. Now that was a solid show during its short run. You can never go wrong with Whedon’s shows.

  3. Not Dead Yet

    Oh, and Burn Notice is a fun watch! Season 2 has Tricia Helfer which is a definite plus! ;)

  4. q8expat

    Have you done the next part of Long way around – i.e. Long Way down… its nice…

  5. I dunno if it’s late already but Made of Honor is a terrible movie, and this is coming from a huge chick flick fan. The story is so cliched beyond believe.

    Otherwise, great downloads as usual :)

  6. Eddy: DLing them all!

    Jacqui: Can’t wait to try it out!

    Not Dead Yet: I’m going to watch it at a later point, and I’m going to DL all of Firefly as well! I do enjoy Burn Notice!

    q8expat: Haven’t seen that yet, looking to DL it!

    Laialy: yup!

    Angelo: hmm.. thanks for the heads up!

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