1. LoooooL, this turned into the Jerry Springer Show hahaha!

  2. mustafa

    man that show is fucked up how did you find out about it?

  3. This must be the lousiest show on earth, I just watched the unedited version, that mistress bitch deserved a slapping humilating this guy. Using such a foul language she deserved more or maybe in India they think this isentertaiment. No wonder its call it third world country.

  4. I hate Indians, This is just ridiculous :-) ” How Can she Slap? “

  5. good thing he slaPped her back, bitch

    the “how can she slaP?” is funny

  6. Yeah I have seen this one. It became one of those viral Internet videos that you see these days begin shared in forums and such.

    Although, most people usually states that the girl is to be blamed and she deserved the slap. I wish if I knew what started the whole thing.

  7. Dana

    Hellraiser… Um, I hate to burst your bubble, but Kuwait too, is a third world country.

  8. Sin

    DAAAAyyyyyuuummmmmmmm. I guess that sums it up. I think the b*tch got carried away with flow of the show, she needed that.

  9. A7MAD Marafi

    G-Funk:- why do you hate indians coz of such a slapping incident on a reality tv show. I hope you were joking. other wise, lot of crap happening all around and you should be having hatred towards everyone in this world, to every country. better do not generalise.

  10. A7MAD Marafi

    Hellraiser: when did your country managed to be a first world, first class country? there are lot of crap happening in US (not that I reckon you are from US) would you term that as a third world country? every westerner uses fuck a thousand times. even the kids, just coz some faggots use fould language, and your “assumption” that indians enjoy such shows a country is never third world. we feel westerners treat us in the same devotional way in which we treat them, in fact there is more respects to asians and indians in US than us Arabs, who they consider as real third world. Oil money along will not help us change such an image.

  11. LOL! Good God.. maskeeen he cried!

    What the h*ll is this show supposed to be about anyway?

  12. Abdulla

    Loool , thanks man this video made my day !

  13. Ooolaaa bismelaa loool… She’s the one who started bs come on, hitting a gurl? Theyre both dumbasses. And why the hell did he start crying? A7la shay ina the whole thing was in an indian accent.

  14. WHAT this comment page turned into a political debate? aih hal daraja yowa3a? :p

  15. Glen

    G-Funk : I dont think it was right for you to go ahead n say I hate Indians… Not required.

    In any case i feel the woman deserved the slap… I am against slapping a woman anytime but dat doesnt give the woman a right to slap a guy on TV (unless its for self defence)… She deserved what she got… I hope she did break her jaw… and to all the other fucking faggots who ganged up on this guy and beat him up… Well that shows dat they miss the 2 important nuts between their legs…

    The woman totally crossed a line out der and she got fucked really hard for dat…

  16. Tamar-Hind

    Present day Indian television sucks like the rest of its film making industry where acting is peripheral and comes maybe, a distant third to shooting in foreign locales and a sleek choreography. That said, reality TV is shambolic no
    matter what country you are in. I never imagined there to be so much consumption for Indian TV shows let alone reality shows among Kuwaiti audiences but then again, I forget there is Indian blood featuring prominently, everywhere in the Kuwaiti mercantile class, which explains why.

  17. Indian reality shows suck ! they should just stick to showing re-runs… by the way, she deserved it. :D

  18. A7MAD Marafi

    Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy : theirs is far better than our beebsi and no broblem anglazy

    Tamar Hind : Indian blood featuring prominently, everywhere in the Kuwaiti mercantile class. I don’t understand that part.

  19. punky


  20. I would of slapped and kicked the shit out of her … if she slapped me – being a man has nothing to do with it here ..

    Why did he cry?

  21. I think a lot of people took this overboard its just meant to be funny, nothing against Indians or otherwise. I wonder what would be for a reality show in Kuwait. That would be interesting, no doubting she is stupid and he is an idiot.. and he was crying because they were beating him!

  22. Bedleia

    HAHA that guy was a p***y how can she slap ? it’s called fast movement of a open hand to the face :P

  23. lol did anyone notice the guy in pink getting in a few shots and acting like he done nothing haha

  24. Hadi_Q8

    Hoe many times did he say : “How can she slap me ? )
    LoL w ba3ad she was shocked after he slapped her XD

  25. I have a feeling he will meet her at the corner of her house after the show & stab her! O_o

  26. amazed

    G-funk, you said you hate Indians, and i think you meant it. your not the only one that hates Indians. I live in Australia and Indians are not popular amongst the rest of the ethnic groups or the whites. you will see pretty Indian girls with mainly white guys and majority of these indian girls think they are supermodels, just visit a nightclub in Brisbane melb or sydney, it’ll prove my point, and the indian guys are just dead set tossers, they act like wankers and stare at girls like they’ve never seen women in their life fully desperate. the Indians have no self respect, young indians making complete idiots of themselves. and i believe its because too many young Indian women are like that stupid reality game show host.

  27. In this comments I find things like “She deserve it”, “that mistress bitch deserved a slapping humilating this guy”, “That bitch is this or that”…

    Well… Maybe in my country we are the weirdos but, if a woman slap me, I can’t (for any reason) slap her… If you kill a guy, you are free if you show that that was for defending a woman…

    Mexico, my country is famous, between other things, for the machism… But, I think there are countries more macho than Mexico…

    That’s disgusting…

  28. Ash

    That Girl deserved a Slap in return. No one can raise ones hand. An women expect equality then they shold also accept a guy slapping them if they did so first specially the ones who say women are superior. I dont mean to sound bad but women generally are delicate, smart and cultured but there are exceptions like this one and need a slap or two for being offensive and rude.

  29. lol

    GenX Entertainment. owner of this program!

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