Review: GorillaPod Gogo

I have been using the Gorilla Pod for the past couple of months now, around poles, around a car, and lots of odd situations. It is a high quality tripod with the a huge amount of articulation, and rubber ends which are perfect for any situation. The price of this tripod is relatively low for a good tripod, and you can pack it anywhere with you which is what you need from a tripod.

Recently they have been making some different Gorilla Pods for different pieces of electronics. Like the one for the PSP is great if you are just going to watch movies on it so you don’t have to hold it at a specific angle.


Link: Joby

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  1. are the last 2 pics are of the rebel eos xsi? if so, do u rcmmnd the camera for an enthusiast…or is it a little high end?

  2. Laialy: I really do recommend it!

    kwt23: Its the 40D, but I really do recommend the new Rebel! Its has a lot of new features! It is great for an enthusiast!

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