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Navigation Disc Vanished

I tend to top up the oil every few thousand kilometers so I took in the car a little while ago, and everything seemed fine. The other day I was going somewhere that I didn’t know so I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it. I usually take out the navigation DVD anytime I take the car to service and this time I didn’t. I passed by in the morning to have an oil change a few parts installed and I complained to them about the navigation disc being missing.

Went back and forth, arguing with the service manager that I know exactly what happened. It was there before the car was taken, and not there after it returned. I kept arguing and a new DVD Navigation disc costs 198 KD, it was back and forth. I’m going to get the car back in a couple of days and there is no way I’m paying for a new Navigation DVD, it was taken by somebody at the dealership for sure. Its annoying when something like this happens and they deny it and say it isn’t there fault for the disappearance.