Navigation Disc Vanished

I tend to top up the oil every few thousand kilometers so I took in the car a little while ago, and everything seemed fine. The other day I was going somewhere that I didn’t know so I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it. I usually take out the navigation DVD anytime I take the car to service and this time I didn’t. I passed by in the morning to have an oil change a few parts installed and I complained to them about the navigation disc being missing.

Went back and forth, arguing with the service manager that I know exactly what happened. It was there before the car was taken, and not there after it returned. I kept arguing and a new DVD Navigation disc costs 198 KD, it was back and forth. I’m going to get the car back in a couple of days and there is no way I’m paying for a new Navigation DVD, it was taken by somebody at the dealership for sure. Its annoying when something like this happens and they deny it and say it isn’t there fault for the disappearance.

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  1. DeReD

    Hey Zouq, saw ur ride the other day. U zoomed straight past me.. Can’t believe how much care u take care of ur car.. It was freaking shining.. That shade of blue is awesome..

    Tough luck with the dvd. Hope u sort it out..

  2. but dont they encourage customers to take all belongings out of the car before handing it over?

  3. Well…. you can not pay for their services unless they give you ur disc back!! Threaten them with that see how they feel… maybe they’ll start a confession or something ..
    And Good Luck… :)

  4. jewaira

    I’ve always been warned to take the dvd out before service but I can’t believe they actually did that to you! I hope you get it sorted out

  5. A7MAD Marafi

    i know how it feels. however we have to be a bit careful ourselves I guess. when we sign their papers, it clearly says company is not responsible for any valuables. The guy I deal there usually reminds me every time I go there to take the navigation disc out and to keep it with me.

    one question, did you ever try copying a navigation CD to see if works? I changed my card, so don’t have an option to try it myselves to answer my own question! hehihheee

  6. ar53nal14


  7. DeReD: I like to keep it clean! I tend to drive fast! I hope to sort it out!

    Yazeed: They do, but this time it was a drop off and taken by tow truck so I didn’t take everything out!

    Hamitaf: Thanks, I’m thinking about that for sure!

    jewaira: Gonna try and sort it out!

    A7mad Marafi: Never tried copying a disc but this time I will for sure! I’m really annoyed about it, gonna check to see if someone has one and copy it!

    ar53nal14: Not the MiddleEast version!

  8. I love BMWs. They’re like sex on wheels.

  9. lfc-q8

    inshala when they give u a new one it will be the updated version look at the bright side :)
    btw 2009 models will have the nav on the hard disk so u wont lose ur dvd

  10. Mo Hat

    I understand how you feel, the BMW dealership in Kuwait has prolly one of the worst customer service for a car company here.

  11. Enigma

    I doubt they’ll do anything about it… They warn u to take the nav disc out whenever u bring the car for service, so this probably happens often.

  12. She: I think some are nice and some require a facelift!

    Laialy: looool!

    lfc-q8: There are a lot of improvements for the new Beemers, i like how they are always tech oriented!

    Mo Hat: I can agree with that!

    Enigma: I doubt too! Nothing will be done for sure!

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