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An Interesting Weekend for Ramadan

Usually during Ramadaan everyone wants to sleep in so they won’t be too hungry during the day. My plan was to sleep in on Friday morning but I woke up right at 8:00 and things went from there. It was an interesting fun weekend but we were thirsty half way through the day.


  • 8:00 am on computer
  • 8:45 am call from K and M
  • M meets me up at 10:30 and we are heading to Shuweikh
  • 10:45 B calls his car broke down so we drive to the Gulf Road & 3rd Ring Road
  • Wait about an hour for the two truck to get there
  • We were thirsty as hell and sweating like crazy
  • 11:45 am went to M’s house with the tow truck to drop off the car there
  • 12:15 went to M’s house which is being built and checked out the network and electrical setup, needs some work. Beautiful house, and nice garage
  • 1 pm went to Shuwaikh
  • 2 pm back to Mishref but headed to K’s place to find him and S working on their car
  • 3 pm got home thirsty and hungry, and I jumped in the shower
  • And the events that took place normally after futoor, but the time until futoor I was too hungry and thirsty to sleep.
  • 6:05 pm futoor
  • 6:05 pm to 7:45pm with the family
  • 7:45 pm heading towards Dewaneya to beat the ridiculous traffic around 8:30 pm, instead of a 15 minute drive it becomes a 45 minute drive.
  • 8:10 pm to 10:45 pm in family dewaneya where people were visiting and lots of extended family to see
  • 11:00 pm got to K’s place and tried watching Zoohan while eating some meat shawarma
  • 1:00 am fell asleep


  • 7:30 am, I’m wide awake again for some reason. So I started working on my computer
  • 8:15 am, I get a call from K and he is awake as well, so we decided to meet up
  • 9:00 am I’m at the BMW Dealership and its relatively empty and I took the car in as well as complained about a few things such as the Navi DVD being missing
  • 9:30 am, K picked me up
  • 9:40 am, we are at Platform looking for metal shelving and a torque wrench
  • 10:00 am, we are at Abyatt looking for the same, didn’t find it here either
  • 10:20 am, we went to our friend’s work since he works in Shuweikh and on Saturday and made a mess of his place
  • 10:40 am, we get a call from M and his car now broke down but pretty close to his but still he sweated like crazy
  • 11:00 am, we went to Autociti and took a look at their cars, there is an Aston Martin Race Car in the basement as well as a McLaren SLR 722 which haven’t sold yet. Then I touched pretty much every car their just because I couldn’t resist the urge with sign saying don’t touch. Who ever is making the business decisions there is a nut job
  • 11:25 am, we are Alghanim Electronics looking at stuff and K picked up a few things which were to be delivered
  • 12:15 pm, we went to S’s place to finalize a few details that we are planning and then left
  • 12:45 pm, tow truck came to M’s place and we help load up his car which was taken to the dealership
  • 1:15 pm, we went to M’s house which is being built to talk to the Electrical Guy and find out the blundering that took place with the networking and house to fix it
  • 2:30 pm, we headed home and I was hungry as hell and thirsty as hell like the day before
  • 2:45 pm, lounging on the computer for the period watching episode after episode of BattleStar Galactica
  • 6:05 pm, futoor at last
  • 8:05 pm, fell asleep
  • 10:30 pm, I woke up
  • 10:45 pm, Got me some Strawberry Cheese Cake from Baskin Robins and chilled at home
  • 1:45 am, Fell asleep

I think its a pretty active couple of days for people fasting, and I think if other places were open we would would have gone there as well. I could pile up some statistics over our activities over the past couple of days.