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Sharpie Covered Lamborghini

Unless you take up residence in Dubai or Beverly Hills, any time you pull up in a Lamborghini you’re gonna get more attention than a red carpet nipple slip. But if you do live in an area where Lambos and Ferraris are as common as Dodge Chargers, you may want to let Prestige Imports give your super car a makeover like the one they gave to this Gallardo.

There’s not much information on the car, except that the graphics that envelope the Gallardo were hand drawn on with a Sharpie marker and then covered with a clear coat. If we were to buy a Lamborghini, it’d be flat black, Bruce Wayne style. But, hey, to each their own. Check out more photos of the car below.

Now this is an interesting vehicle, never thought that to someone would take a sharpie to a vehicle to make stand out. And even with the clear coating what would this person do if it washes off, and what if he has an accident how the can you fix something like that, I wonder what his insurance costs. Still looks good in a different kind of way really.

Link: ComplexBlogs