Arai RX7 Corsair Hayes Jolly Roger Helmet

After a few months of waiting I have finally gotten my Corel Riley Arai Corsair RX7. There was a long waiting list for this helmet, the moment they made this helmet it was flying off the shelves. I tend to think you can’t have enough helmets, and this helmet is unique with the RX7 type helmet. I do love the smell of a new helmet, now the only thing I can do is to wait for the weather to get mildly better and less humid.

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  1. CereBral aSsAss1n


  2. HALA WALA, nice nice love the skull on the side

  3. How much did it cost? And where did you buy it from?

  4. Slip Stream

    You can find them at Tristar in Sharq. And they cost they same as they do abroad if not cheaper…

  5. Mabrouk….but sorry i did not like it.. actually i didn’t like any of Arai designs this year.
    AGV has nice ones but AGV looks very big on the head.

  6. Mabrook ! nice lid !
    yeah riding in this humid weather sucks. Back home I have a Bieffe Steelbird with a removable inner layer that can be washed after a long ride.

  7. jeffpeachy

    I still waiting mine.

    I order in USA.

    More cheaper in USA than Europe.

  8. CereBral aSsAss1n: Thanks! :)

    Zuech: Thanks!

    Dindavani: I got it online at for around $700.

    Slipstream: I can agree with you, but this design was only released in the states and not Europe or anywere else!

    Adrenaline: Thanks, I don’t like AGV helmets because they don’t feel right when I put them on and the internal quality isn’t that nice!

    Mathai: Thanks! Can’t wait for the weather to settle down!

    jeffpeachy: Very true.. i ordered it months back so it was on back order back then! I hope you get it soon!

  9. hayabusak8

    i bought this helmet Feb 2008 and i found it right away i had used it for almost 1 year now and all i can say,im a happy customer,matches my black 08 busa

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