Bidding Addiction

As of recently I have been scowering Ebay for items that I’m looking to buy. I was looking for the Sigma 8mm Fisheye Lens  and suddenly I stumbled upon a used lens for sale. I have bought and sold a few lenses over the past couple of years and usually the only reason people would sell a lens is that they are looking for something else for thier pictures, and I always look into the seller ratings to determine the condition of the time and this it seems to be in excellent condition. And I saved about $250 for the Sigma 8mm lens instead of paying $679, which is the cheapest list price for new. Its always nice to get a good deal on an item off ebay.

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  1. Yousef Alsaleh


    I just have one Q. , to be able to buy something from ebay u need to have a paypal account , but i faced a problem with them , i added my ARAMEX MailBox , but they asked me to verify my address , and i fail to do that.

    so can u just tell me how to do that

  2. Yousef: You have to first establish it in the states before trying it in Kuwait. You have to verify one US Address first and then the mailbox and I use the Aramex mailbox all the time but I email people before bidding about the unconfirmed address and they have no problems :)

  3. Yousef Alsaleh

    Marzouq: thnx , i will try to check with the bidders , i guess this is the only way i can do it .

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