Gossip Girl Season 2

I don’t know what to say about this show, I stopped from finishing season 1 of Gossip Girl because I just didn’t to see the end of it. And lucky for me I caught up with all of it and watched the begin of season 2. I don’t know there is something about this show that gets to me. Maybe because I’m a sentimental idiot, and I think every man can relate to Dan Humphry to a degree, some more then others. I’m head over heals for Serena Van Der Woodsen. It was genius for them to take season 2 to the Hamptons, gives a different flavor to it. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DeReD

    Serena vs Erica Durance vs Claire Forlani vs Mischa Barton

    who wins???

  2. I have all the episodes for season one and I haven’t watched a single one…. whats wrong with me!!!!!!
    I need to have a Gossip Girl-athon… watch all episodes in one go….

  3. I love Dan, I want a Dan in real life plus all the clothes and accessories the girls wear!

  4. McDesperate

    I loves Gossip Girl.

    You know you hate me. XoXo.

  5. relate to Dan! why dont they relate to Chuck…err wait no maybe they shouldnt! and i know hal show is annoyingly captivating

  6. Sorry but Serena annoys me.. I like B! I think she’s much more attractive and I can appreciate her character a lot more than S! S is too whiny for me, and B’s just bitchy enough! :)

  7. I didn’t know that guys watch it !!!!

    and MSB I agree S is annoying , B a7lah


  8. DeReD: Serena! Hands down! hehehe

    Hamitaf: I think you should, you will enjoy it!

    Ananyah: looool!

    McDesperate: loooooool! Gossip Girl!

    DR: hehehe!

    princess: Guys would beat up Chuck on the spot!!! No questions asked!

    MSB: looool! Guys aren’t into B really!

    master: Lots of guys watch it, they just don’t say anything! :)

  9. i love this show and i love DAN so much!
    i mean i’m not into the whole breaking up/making up drama but this show is more than that, it’s not only emotional it’s also intellectual and the conversations are almost always deep.
    i’m downloading episode 4 season2 now can’t wait to watch it.

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