Lost and Found Again

Every person has a pair of sunglasses that they can’t do without. I have had my Oakley’s for about three years now, I bought it from the Oakley store in Covent Garden in 2005, it was just when I was roaming about. I don’t like looking for a new pair of glasses since they usually break easily, and these Oakleys have lasted a long time. I lost them for over 10 days now, and then suddenly I found them in a plastic bag next to my computer. I was very happy to find it since I really don’t like looking for a new pair of sun glasses and when its sunny outside it was annoying to drive without a pair of sun glasses. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. After you try Ray-Bans (waferers) .. i can’t try anything else… I love them soooooo much..!!

  2. I like sunglasses, but somehow I’m very forgetful about them.. awal ma a6la3 I put them on, i go into school and when it’s time to leave, I forget that I have sunglasses lol

  3. i always leave one in the car for emergency,, can’t go out without one,, plus extra one in my room. i have 3,, no no,, i have 4, the 4th one is for fishing trips ;)

    i hope u loose yours ASAP and never find it,, or i hope u sit on it and break it then u go to a hospital to remove the glasses out of your a$$ WaaaHaaaHaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Is that a piston under the book ? looks nice and shiny :D

  5. ana 3axik
    i love buying sunglasses

    bs i never wear them!

  6. fkj

    Dude.. ur wallet is like mine!

  7. jewaira

    Something very comforting and masculine about the first photo

  8. girl

    i wear my sun-glasses before i even leave my bedroom

  9. Hamitaf: Everyone is comfortable with specific glasses! :)

    Swair: lol!

    vampire: I can’t have that many! thats too many! hahaha!

    Mathai: yup, its a Ferrari piston! :)

    eshda3wa: looool! Girls like that!

    fkj: lol!

    jewaira: Thanks! :)

    girl: looooool! Thats funny!

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