The Unvieled 2009 Yamaha R1

It has been all nice and quiet from Yamaha until they anounced the new R1. There has been a lot of speculation about this machine, but it seems that one thing is for sure its supposed to make a big bang. 182 bhp with a revolutionary engine design as they have stated and different engine mappings for different types of riding. I wonder how this is going to be compared to previous models, and it seems that people think this bike will be a big jump compared to the previous models. A lot of design and chassis modifications are directly tied to Moto GP technology. 

One thing is for sure, this bike looks good and its going to sell. 

Link: fasterandfaster



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  1. best looking japanese bike to date

    bigBang will sound unique in the streets but i always loved the screamers

  2. Halicy

    best looking bike ever. i wonder how good the black and silver would look like.

  3. Sin

    looks like this is Yamaha’s answer to the Hardon collider, eh?

  4. Robert: You are right about both the spelling and machine! I can’t wait to see the S1000RR!

    vampire: interesting machine for sure!

    Hellraiser: yeah I saw that, I like how he races but not the sound of his voice! lol

    Halicy: It would look nice for sure!

    Sin: Maybe!

  5. Terry

    I guess you guys don’t have knowledge about what a hardcore sportbike really is? To think that BMW’s new literbike has any chance of catching up to any one of the big 4 japanese manufacture bikes is ridiculous and stupid. Come on now get real, bikes get better and better every year, the evolution of yamaha,kawasaki,suzuki, honda was a direct result from world big circuit racing such as MOTO GP, World Superbike, AMA superbike, Isle of man TT, how well a bike really is, just ask Valentino rossi, haga,corser, casey stoner, Nicky hayden, these are proven race champions onboard ALL japanese machines with the elite class being Yamaha moto gp rossi onboard the infamous yamaha M1. The last i checked BMW has NO racing history, come on now, get real, how are they going to have a machine freshly built that can compete with the big 4 honda suzuki yamaha kawasaki? Use your heads! Who do they get input from, nobody has raced the new bmw s1000rr yet, it’s common sense, bmw’s new superbike is light years behind the big 4 japanese bikes in technology, handling and performance. it’s no competition not even close to the R1, gixxer 1k, cbr 1000rr or zx-10r. Just look what happend with KTM’s superbike, what a joke! or harleys pathetic attempt at a liter bike haha! to suggest that the bmw s1000rr might be better than anyone of the big 4 japanese manufacturers is truly incredibly absurd. With no proven race history in superbike racing it will be 5-10 years before bmw can come up with a bike that can “hopefully” follow close behind up the R1, gixxer 1k , cbr 1000rr, zx-10r out on the race track! i doubt that will ever happen though, good luck bmw!

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