Out for a Bit

Just took off for about week with family for medical reasons. The flight overall was 6 hours in one direction and we had a connection on our way to the destination which was a 2 hour lay over then 2 hour flight. At least during this flight I managed to finish what I had left from a tv show, a movie, and an anime series. I just watched one after the other nonstop, it was good and I think my eyes were bloodshot after the whole thing but I did enjoy myself on the flight. One thing is for sure as soon as I got to the hotel I passed out completely. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Kha6ak El so.. It’s really crazy hehe this year has been filled with medical issues.

  2. vampire: alah esalmik!

    Cat: Kha6aach el laash!

    Jacqui: Lots of them!

    Laialy: Shar ma eyeech! :)

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