Apple iPod Nano 16GB

I checked ou the Apple iPod Nano 4G and I liked the specs, so I decided to order one. I was looking between the red one and the black one, and I really like the red one. I ordered it from the Apple website, entered all my information and they said they would email me a confirmation. About a day later I get an email from Apple saying they don’t send to APO boxes, from last time I remember someone telling me that they can get Apple shipped to their Aramex account, so that really annoyed me. Luckly for me Amazon accepts anything so I ordered it from Amazon but since Red wasn’t available I went with Black instead. Its the perfect mp3 player to take with me riding this coming season and I hope it cools off soon. 


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  1. mustafa

    im thinking of getting the new itouch

  2. fkj

    ok now thats weird.. like less than a week ago I ordered touch and they shipped it at once

  3. So you finally admitted that iPods are the BEST ? :-D

  4. Im thinking of getting the purple one….. its an awesome color… :)

  5. Hehehehehe I am shocked at how you started to give into Apple Mp3 Players. And I agree it’s one of the greatest new toys out there right now. I ordered a red one for my Aunt-in-law. But I’m going to order one for me soon.

  6. jewaira

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one for every day of the week or for every mood?

    Pretty colours and the red would have been really nice

  7. mustafa: You should! Its pretty nice!

    fkj: Maybe just my luck!

    G-Funk: Pretty damn good, thats for sure!

    Hamitaf: Get it!

    Jacqui: You should it order it very soon! :)

    Q80-ChillGirl: Very nice! :)

    jewaira: Don’t need one for everyday of the week! But the red would have been nice! :)

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