2008 Kicherer Audi RS-Street

The Audi RS6 has made a huge splash in the consumer market for a 580 bhp engine in such a civilized looking car. Now Kicherer has taken this vehicle and gave it a little adrenaline shot to bring it to 700 bhp, sportier suspension and more aggressive looks. I like the look of the car but the rims aren’t to my liking, it should be something a little sportier looking. Overall they have taken an amazing vehicle and turned it into a monster on the road. 


Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. it has a perfect amount of carbon fiber!! and love the taillights

    +1 on the wheels

  2. i have seen a video of the same car along with a Golf GTI kicking some Ferrari ass at the Autoban in Germany

  3. vampire: yup!

    Adrenaline: Very nice, I like when they soup up these machines!

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