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Not on the Ball

So we have pretty much been back and worth between the docs and the hotel. The weather is relatively nice, but somehow I managed to three things all at one time. I have a problem, I tend not to go to docs or dentists, until its too late. I have had a root canal problem from ages ago, I had four done in Kuwait and all four were screwed up, in the states I managed to fix three but I ignored the fourth one because it required a lot of work. As of two days ago my gland got inflamed because of that root canal problem so it looks like somebody punched me “lightly” under my chin, I got a neck sprain on the left side, the same side. Its painful as hell, I put some deep heat, and I can’t do anything about the infalmation, and I don’t want to see a doc in this hospital. And they took my temp for I go to sleep, I was shivering a bit but not from the cold and turn out my temp is a 38.8, told them I will take two tylenol, some deep heat and sleep it off. Its my neck that hurts like hell and I feel like a robot that can’t move  around correctly since my joints are all stiff, I keep thinking “Domo Arigato Mr Robato!!!”. Hoping it will get better after I got a good nights sleep.