Not on the Ball

So we have pretty much been back and worth between the docs and the hotel. The weather is relatively nice, but somehow I managed to three things all at one time. I have a problem, I tend not to go to docs or dentists, until its too late. I have had a root canal problem from ages ago, I had four done in Kuwait and all four were screwed up, in the states I managed to fix three but I ignored the fourth one because it required a lot of work. As of two days ago my gland got inflamed because of that root canal problem so it looks like somebody punched me “lightly” under my chin, I got a neck sprain on the left side, the same side. Its painful as hell, I put some deep heat, and I can’t do anything about the infalmation, and I don’t want to see a doc in this hospital. And they took my temp for I go to sleep, I was shivering a bit but not from the cold and turn out my temp is a 38.8, told them I will take two tylenol, some deep heat and sleep it off. Its my neck that hurts like hell and I feel like a robot that can’t move  around correctly since my joints are all stiff, I keep thinking “Domo Arigato Mr Robato!!!”. Hoping it will get better after I got a good nights sleep. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Salamtik ya Marzouq, o matshoof shar inshallah!

    Sleep well my man. You better have that checked out soon. Hope you feel better. Take care.

  2. Salamat man… seems like you follow my grandmothers theory of “kel wa7ed 6abeeb nafsa”… lets just say it didn’t do her any justice… and you should seriously consider going to a dentist!!

  3. Loca in Kuwait


  4. JoJo

    Get will soon & I am sure a new toy will be waiting for you.

  5. Salamat dude ma etshof shar.. Hope you get better real soon to enjoy your little toy :P

  6. oo meta nawe etrooo7 and get it done ya3ni!



  7. teeth pain is the worst buddy … you really need to take care of it

  8. Bow n Arrow: Shar ma eyeek! Thanks!

    Hamitaf: Having it checked out!

    Loca: Thanks :)

    pearls: Shar ma eyeech!

    JoJo: Thanks! :)

    vampire: Thanks!

    Jacqui: alah esalmich! I hope so too!

    eshda3wa: alahe esalmich! As soon as I get back to Kuwait!

    Laialy: I am taking care of it now!

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