Review: The Forbidden Kingdom

Now this was a movie was I really looking forward to, two of my favorite Eastern Actors in one movie. I’m a huge fan of martial arts and sometimes I even don’t care about the storyline just to see the fight scenes but this movie was a little different. It simply revolves around the kick who has to return the Monkey King’s staff back to him to fight the Jade Emporer, and he has to two masters to train him and help him. Jet Li and Jackie Chan are the two masters and they come from different backgrounds in China with interesting parts to them, and the kid gets the hell beat out of him. Its a funny martial arts story with a heartfelt ending, any person who likes a fun martial arts movie will really like this.

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  1. Am not into Jackie Chan and martial arts movies, but i mistakenly downloaded this movie thinking its another movie about about Saudi Arabia, i ended up watching it… its nice i liked it.

  2. Luv the Drunken Fist Style of Jackie Chan
    Especially the fight inside Jet Li temple ^ – ^`

  3. maryam

    that was a good movie. They should do something together more often

  4. Adrenaline: Nice mistake! :)

    Un533N: That fight in the temple was very fun!

    maryam: I agree! They really do a good job with each other!

  5. I absolutely loved it. It was funny, great martial arts, amazing scenery, a bit of girl power and crazy storyline. I also ended up watching Kung Fu Panda the next day which was so funny.

  6. i didn’t presume it was funny and after reading this with the fact that i love jet li and jackie i’l be sure to watch it !

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