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Review: The Skullman

Plot Summary: Set in an alternate history of Japan, freelance photographer Minagami Hayato returns to his hometown of Ootomo to investigate rumors of a man wearing a skull mask committing murders there. Once in the city, he discovers connections between the victims and a local pharmaceutical company, a new religious sect, and strange half human, half animal creatures. Along with a young photographer, he decides to find out who the Skull Man really is. 



“Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


This anime revolves around a lot of complex thoughts and ideas, a lot of Japanese animation revolves around what has happened in their history and ties into their idea of WWI/WWII. Also what happens to towns after these devastating wars, and the same has happened in this case. Skullman is not a superhero but a dark hero born out the South East Asians Wars have taken place and the creation of Ootoma City. Whats a bit difficult is that you pick up multiple plots from the beginning of the anime and trying to figure out the connecting parts. Its a dark anime which I didn’t know from the start and things start falling into place and turns into something unexpected. Its a different anime and worth a watch you really get pulled into it. A lot of people are getting into Darker into Black and I’m looking forward to that as well.

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