Ducatista Pain @ Indy GP

Now this is a painful scene for any Ducatista, a very large meet at the Indy GP the weather was raining and windy. Turns out that had a disastorous effect and knocked a lot of bikes over, it looks like a horrible scene from a movie, some of these bikes were very damaged. I feel sorry for the owner of 1098s Tricolore, that bike took a hell of a lot of damage. What a site to return to for people who had to ride back home. I know its mostly body damage and can be fixed, but still a painful site.

Link: Ducati MS Forum

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Oh al7een garait il mawthoo3 – awal mara chifteh 3abali ba 9owar

  2. Some of those seem really banged up..
    I sure do feel sorry for the owners :/

  3. i’ve seen it couple of days ago,, some were crying

  4. Not Dead Yet

    “it looks like a horrible scene from a movie”

    Blues Brothers, the car pile up scene heh.

  5. 3anooda: It sucks!

    Bow n Arrow: Me too!

    vampire: It was sad, very sad, people love their ikes!

    Adrenaline: Oh so true!

    Not Dead Yet: lol!

  6. ley

    there like dead human bodies, the first bike even got a cover to protect identity.haha
    i felt bad for d 1198s. :(

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