What a Day!


I woke this morning with a throbbing pain in my head, I thought that I was done with the tooth abscess after the dental work, and for the most part it was the case.

Until in the morning I couldn’t open my mouth let alone talk. The gland grew to a huge degree, I took the meds and waited for an hour for it to take affect but there was no improvement. I called up my friend and we went to Embarak Hospital, with a few X-Rays it turns out the the procedure was good but the bacteria was working on my gland. At this point they said no surgery was needed so they put me on an IV with two types of antibiotics and one pain killer. Its really sad to see the state of things in Embarak Hospital and the lack of facilities they have. Some of the X-Ray machines were here since before the 1990. 

I’m just happy that the meds took affect and were helping the pain stop for a little while. The inflamation has decreased a little and I’m feeling a little dizzy, but at least I can talk now unlike in the morning. 


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. damn! hope you are okay! didn’t know things were THIS bad!

  2. Sallamat…matshoof shar!

  3. 7amdila 3ala il salamah – itgoom bil3afya inshallah

  4. Please ignore whatever they said to u in Mbarak Hospital and find a real doctor, Mbarak is not a hospital it’s a research facility -Mal Ayam Awal- and we are the geny pigs.


  5. Missing Shoe

    I agree with Adrenaline. Take a second opinion and get better soon. Matshoof shar..

  6. Flann

    ma etshooof shar inshallaa o etgoom bel.salama

  7. wa7sh il ba7ar

    salamat mat shoof shar ya weld il 3am

  8. Salamat matshoof shr! I personally hate mbarak hospital, coz my father and my friend’s uncle both died there Allah yr7amhum

  9. ananyah: Yeah it has been pretty crappy!

    Amu: alah esalmich!

    3anooda: alah e3afeech!

    Adrenaline: Its a doc I know so it isn’t a huge problem!

    Missing Shoe: Getting one tomorrow! :)

    Flann: shar ma eyeek!

    Salah: Shar ma eyeek!

    Wa7sh: Shar ma eyeek!

    hammoodee: alah yer7amhum, i would rather a hospital then a mu9taw9uf!

  10. Matshoof shar inshallah! :o Salaamtik :S

    Hope you’re feeling better now.

    Ok, now I’m REALLY freaking out. I’m calling my dentist tomorrow morning inshallah!

  11. fLuff

    I think you just need a long vacation and you’ll be just fine..

    Salamaat btw..

  12. jewaira

    Sorry to hear about that Marzouq

    I hope you’re feeling better now!

  13. beeeh Allah e3eeenich buddy … yalla tikbar o tinsaa inshalla ;)

  14. girl

    Salamat matshoof shr :(

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