D90 – Zait Doesn’t Care

My friend sent me a sample picture of his newly arrived Nikon D90, and I couldn’t help posting it up. The cat’s name I think is Zait.. and Zait just doesn’t care. The picture quality is great, but I’m not going to say a thing about this picture and will leave it up to speculation. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hashem


  2. lulu

    oooohhhhhh athletic legs LOOOOL just kidding cute cat

  3. zahed

    aba6litch il baab bas laat 6l3een baraa inzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

  4. Farooq

    …ROFLMAO….Quite funny…

  5. maryam

    that cat either loves the guy or doesn’t care at all. It has attitude! Hope there wasn’t a 3rd person taking that pic ;)

  6. LOL poor cat, it’ll go straight to heaven that’s my speculation

  7. Abdulla

    The cat is very pretty , but the fact that the photo has someone taking a dump on the back is completely ruining the beauty of the photo and to be honest , it could be offending to some people . just my opinion !

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ the cat’s pose! Hehehehehehe and seriously do you think the cat or your friend set the timer on the D90? :P

  9. the cat is just sooooo cute i wanna grab it by its ears ^_^

  10. if that isn’t art …… I don’t know what is …..

  11. A&B

    Hope he’s not jacking off looking at the cat’s ass

  12. lol ! looks like the cat is holding its breath ! :D

  13. Jewaira

    This is one of the most risqué posts I’ve seen on this blog for a while! :P

    Very suggestive indeed.

    I’m not partial to long-haired breeds. I love the lean gangly cats like Siamese

  14. Loca in Kuwait

    The cat looks soooo stuck up, mucho attittude! M please tell your friend he has sexy legs,the cat isnt so bad either ;p

  15. loooooooooooool

    that is one careless cat! the facial expressions are NULL

  16. What a camera!
    I own a D80 and I am considering to get one of those…I ment by “thouse”, the D90 or the cat not the guy in the back.

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