Review: Bleach Movie 2 – Diamond Dust Rebellion

Plot Summary: A valuable artifact known as “King’s Seal” is stolen by a mysterious group of people during transport in Soul Society. Hitsugaya Toushiro, the 10th division captain of Gotei 13, who is assigned to transport the seal fights the leader of the group and shortly after goes missing. After the incident, Seireitei declares Hitsugaya a traitor and orders the capture and execution of Hitsugaya. Kurosaki Ichigo refuses to believe this, and along with Matsumoto Rangiku, Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji swear to uncover the real mastermind of the stolen seal, find Hitsugaya and clear his name. Meanwhile, a rogue Hitsugaya searches for the perpetrators and uncovers a dark secret regarding a long dead shinigami.

I have this appreciation for Bleach and tend to like Ichigo a lot, I was a bit disappointed in the first movie but this time around they did a great job. Going into the story its as if you have been watching the anime the whole time, it wasn’t a rewind, they all have the powers that they have developed and their relationships. You jump right into the meat of the story trying to figure out whats going on and it just keeps getting better and better. The best part is the full participation of a lot of characters, just seeing use their power in that way is great. 

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    This is a movie i’m gonna defenetly…..

  2. carlosc1dbz

    I saw it, and I just want to say even though I am a big fan of Bleach, I was very disappointed. I dont want to ruin any plots but I think that they are always trying to hard to emphasize the theme of friendship, and not having to carry ones burdens on their own. When I stop to think about it, Bleach is actually a very depressing anime. Why is Ichigo fighting? Hes a depressive mess. Anyway King Seal stolen, but why was it stolen if its the kings seal, and supposedly so important. ANyway, the fighting is not all that to be honest, I didnt expect much from the people doing the movies for Bleach, all of them have kinda sucked, and they need to go back to making the episodes about the Espada.

  3. Very good,because all character make i’m happy and sometimes funny..

  4. LeaT

    The movie surprised me, knowing that especially movies for anime and shounen in particular aren’t that good (storyline wise), I was in for a treat. It was a little darker and more mature than the average story I think, and while there definitely were a few cheese scenes thrown in (like the reminder of Ichigo’s fast which could frankly have been removed, it actually for me ruined Ichigo’s message by overemphasizing) and the last battle was a little too much of an attempt to be big, epic and to have all the important characters to at least take a minor part of the fighting, I have to say, the ending was actually just awesome and definitely the most mature Bleach movie so far. The first movie wasn’t bad, but the story was greatly lacking while having an interesting premise.

    Also, the animation was top notch as usual, I think they put some effort into the fighting scenes too even though it became a little too much hack and slash through hollows.

  5. Mujibar

    This looks like a pretty good movie. I liked the first one, it was alright. But this looks way better. Now just to wait until it bloody gets dubbed LOL

  6. gohan

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  7. Yay, this one is my favorite!!! I love it! :D

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