Now this is an interesting product, a useful piece of electronic that can tell how much you burn a day and while you sleep. Its tiny and you upload all your data easily with the rechargeable unit. I like how small it is and compact, and the user interface of the online software is simple. I wouldn’t mind getting something like that to figure out what I am doing all day long and how to be a little bit more productive and burn energy.

Link: Fitbit

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  1. Glen

    Interesting piece of Gizmo… :)

  2. ive been looking for something like this since i saw it on the biggest looser – asutralia when one of the contestants looked at what appeared to be their watch and announced exactly how many calories they lost. any idea how / where they are sold?? im sure i will not find this in oman so perhaps dubai retailers??

  3. Farooq


  4. Jewaira

    I feel there are gadgets for everything now!!

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