The RC8

I remember placing an order for this machine around the beginning of June, I have been looking at it from every angle and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I was told it would take about two months, even though it took a little longer I didn’t mind and it was out of their hands. A new piece of German engineering with a MotoGP style to it.

Since I’m still a little bit under the weather I asked Tristar to keep it with them for a few more days. I don’t need something tempting me to ride or go out in the state I’m in. One thing came to mind when I first saw the machine, pictures do not do it justice. The color combination and the angles are just beautiful, the motor started with a beautiful beat to it. I coudln’t help myself and took it for a quick spin, just down the street and back, and it is one light machine. Now I want to get better, and the weather has to get better to go riding.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mabrooook :D it sure looks like a mean machine :)
    any name yet?

  2. Mabrooq, looks brutal, you should write a comparison between the duke the beemer the ktm and the yam.

  3. You mean Austrian engineering right?

  4. lfc-q8


  5. +1 on “PICs don’t do justice”

    what’s his name?

  6. Mabrook on the new bike ! Killer looks and great color combo, although I would prefer an RC4 (always had a soft spot for single pot KTMs) :D

  7. Mabrook…looks really beautiful :)

  8. CereBral aSsAss1n

    OMFG WOW! :O

  9. ram

    How much is Tristar selling this bike for?

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