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Italians and Scooters

While being away for a bit, I would walk around with my camera all the time. There was this one town not too far away, and so I decided to walk around there later in the afternoon. I just stood on the main street snapping pictures, and I came to the realization that Scooters were the number one selling machine in Italy. There were so many types of scooters and Momo helmets.

Women, Men, Children, and Elderly people were all riding scooters. Some were carrying briefcases, kids, bags, even dogs and cats. There was one scooter equiped to carry gas cylinders in the front and back, I couldn’t believe how many were zipping by and always people looking for scooter parking. And these people were really skilled at it, I saw this one girl hold her bag, talk on the phone, smoke a cigarette and ride the scooter all at one time, it was nothign short of insane but its still a skill. There is something I do love about these towns and their liveliness.