K-Net Issues

Since before the weekend K-Net has been having problems with their point of sale machines. I tried using it at the Zain Head Office but it kept saying “Transaction Void”. I called the bank to make sure all was in order and it turns out that K-Net is having issues. I tried my K-Net card and my credit card and both didn’t work. I even recently tried booking a ticket on Jazeera Airways and K-Net card wasn’t working so I used a credit card and that went through on Visa. 

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  1. maryam

    strange that was an issue a while back! I used my K-net yesterday and it went through just fine!! I guess K-net has a lot of issues regarding their infrastructure ;p -tawnee at7aldam 3ala el-kilma-

  2. M.D

    if there was any problem .. well then it’ll not be fixed any time near soon !! .. it is like that in kuwait .. Always !!!

  3. Purgatory

    I wonder who they will blame this time

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    I was out of the country when NBK decided to cancel my card because of a security breach :/

    When the phone services are down credit dosent seem to work,

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