Review: 52: The Novel – Greg Cox

The comic story turned into a novel with the most enticing story, multiple plots running parallel with superheroes trying to find their way again after the last catastrophe. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are no where to be found and the Justice League is only a semblance of what it once was. There are still many heroes left but can they hold out on their own. Something is brewing between Gotham, Metropolis, and the other cities while people are left picking up the pieces. You get drawn into multiple stories slowly building up, the look, feel, and familiarity of the comic characters is brilliant. It feels like I know all of them and their habits, and the build up just keeps getting better. As things progress you get hints of what 52 is, and ideas start patching together, but I won’t spoil the story. The best part is the amazing satisfaction from this book, and you get some completed stories but you are still left wanting more. I haven’t finished a book so quick such as this and at the same time hated finishing it. An amazing novel which any comic lover would adore, and keeps you turning the pages.

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  1. Die-Na-Mite

    Yeah this is turning into a trend. TokyoPop is publishing in the bulks, turning solid Japanese comics into novels. I’m not sure what’s the point though, comics are fun to read cuz they’re comics. Why turn them into prose? But I suppose you’d want to read them if you’re a fan.

    Cool shots as usual.

  2. RooNii

    Thanx for the chocolate cake yesterday it was really yummy!=)

  3. Komsomol

    I personally think Graphical novels are much better then comic books, I just don’t have the time to order one comic after another and would rather sit down to read something complete.

    I got Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, From Hell, V for Vendetta and several others in actual form. I would have bought Transmetropolitan but its all spread out over many books and the whole set costs over a 100 bucks.

    Anyway I will definitely check this out.

  4. wow it seems amazing, I’m so into comic books and i’ve been exposed to some graphic novels but i don’t own one YET.
    i’ll be sure to order this one.
    who’s your favorite action hero?

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