Where I Want To Ride

These are different areas where I am looking forward to riding. Over the years I have been plotting different areas around the world where I would like to do some riding and take a tour on my bike. These are places that I am genuinely interested in and I know that they have a biking culture to them. The thing is I wouldn’t want to do this on a sport tourer or adventure bike, I would want to do this on my Ducati 1098 but somehow without having to carry to much clothes just the essentials.

  • Miyakejima Island
  • Isle of Man (No Speed Limits)
  • French Riviera
  • Italy (Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have been thinking of the same for a while, the places might be different but yes that would be nice trip… 3 month around Europe mmm

    I did Rome and the cost of Napoli on a 125cc Vispa ;-)

  2. More biking posts! less buying posts!!!!

  3. crackberry

    it can very easily be done .. just buy clothes on your way wear them and throw them away .. all you need in your backpack is a camera, shaver, and a toothbrush .. the rest you’ll find in the hotels you stay in and stores obviously

  4. fLuff

    Going on an Italian road trip in end of October.. care to join?

  5. Did the isle of Man, Milano is super crowded, french riviera in June is OK, if you are looking for twisties Scotland and the French Alpes in the region of Franche Compte (Alsace) Wicked. Doing Scotland to Spain this coming May – June.

  6. jewaira

    DO it! It’s a great idea.

  7. Shakesbeer

    hey all, staying in kuwait and willing to learn to ride, checked with Tristar and they’re too expensive, also timing is not convinient, any suggestions that might help, thanks a lot.

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