RC8 aka ?

The RC8 is a unique machine so naming it something with attitude a little different is what I was thinking. After some deliberation these are the candidates of names that I’m thinking of, sounds more like those running for the presidency but still. Some are pretty funny and some have little meaning to it, not really sure with this one, I starred the ones that I’m thinking of.

  • Sunspot*
  • Tango*
  • Dusty*
  • Tempo
  • Mouko
  • Ciro

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ex aurantiacus

    (Literally the orange one)

  2. Sin

    i like ‘tango’.
    And i suggest ‘Ignis’ = fire (Latin) &
    ‘Vesta’ = Roman God of fire…

  3. Oh I like Sin’s suggestion of Ignis or Vesta, other than those then Tango :D

    Robo, Pyro and Tango lol

  4. I don’t know how well you are aware of lebanese politics :P.
    but I find this funny…
    orange is the color of FPM party led by General Michel Aoun.

    So Name the bike: General :P
    it would be hilarious :P
    well for lebs anyway :P

  5. Tango … like the dring tang (which i hate) and like to dance tango … i like Tango

  6. Berserk-KW

    i vote Sunspot!

  7. How about the carrot?

    Its orange, crisp, and the tastiest part of its core, plus its always in front and it makes the others runs after it with no chance to catch it . -the carrot and stick-

  8. suspic

    Harvey Two Face =O

    Or sunspot.

  9. Aliman

    looking at it makes me think of something that so beastly and vicious but has real unique character:

  10. Die-Na-Mite

    Blowzed (Having high color from exposure to weather or ruddy faced)

  11. IS-F Man (ALD)

    hahaha Dusty Laish? :P Tango

  12. Mohammed

    how about Tango Punch

  13. DucatiThrust

    Out of the suggested names, I vote Tango. For two reasons mentioned below which are sort of silly :)
    1.The letter T stands for Tango in the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet. The radiotelephony alphabet is used today in the civil and military aviation communication giving the RC8 a character somewhat related to aviation which resembles, in my opinion, freedom and speed.

    2. The color of the bike is similar to the Mango Tango ice cream in Baskin Robbins.

    I also really liked the name “Ignis” as suggested by Sin.

  14. DucatiThrust

    I’m probably tired and forgot that Mango Tango isn’t really orangish as Orange sherbet with regard to my second reason above.

  15. JoJo

    Anaya is right Robo, Pyro and Tango & the next bike will Bravo !

  16. q8expat

    Why don’t think about ‘Sundance ‘

    kind of sunny look plus…..

  17. q8expat

    You could also try the ‘ Hornet ” or the ” the Sting ” all based on the colour and looks…

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