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Current Anime 09/08

There is a lot of good anime out there, plus I’m trying to watch some other anime’s as well. Finished a few good ones as well and I’m trying to keep up with the other good ones. Its annoying going episode to episode on certain animes like Bleach, Naruto, Soul Eater, and a few others but with so many good ones to watch its hard just to stick to one.

  • Berserk
  • Bleach (Action Picking Up)
  • D-Grayman (Action packed anime, a lot of episodes some fillers but good)
  • Eyeshield 21 (Almost towards the end of the series, I love American Football)
  • GaoGaiGar (Old School, but fun)
  • Hellsing Ultimate
  • Heroic Age
  • Initial D Second Stage (Damn Good Anime)
  • Kekkaishi (Entertaining)
  • Kyou Kara Maou (Entertaining)
  • Naruto: Shippuuden (Fun As Usual)
  • Planets (On The Back Burner)
  • School Rumble Ni Gakki (2nd Season, Hilarious)
  • Solty Rei (Interesting)
  • Souten no Ken (Episodes Coming Out Too Slow, Damn Good Martial Arts Anime)