TV Shows 09/08

There are a lot of TV shows out for this season, and this is just a small round up of the new shows and the ones that I’m watching.

New Shows:

  • Sons of Anarchy – Biker show with some interesting story, I like how it is.
  • 90210 – The new Beverly Hills show, it has some promise and from the first episode there is a lot of interesting drama. This time around all the kids are super rich with a lot of drama going on with some connection to the past 90210, The Peach Pit is still around, so its worth a watch.
  • True Blood – Vampires in a hilly billy situation wanting rights, a bit odd.
  • The Mentalist – A bit like House but a crime version of it, and for the first episode its pretty damn good. I think this is going to be a good one. A very smart man who just makes the right observations and goes with it, trying to track down a serial killer. There is an air of humor to the show which I like.
  • Worst Week – A really funny show for the first episode, I really couldn’t help myself laughing at all that was going on
  • Knight Rider – I tried, and I just couldn’t.

What I’m Watching:

  • BattleStar Galactica – Amazing Show
  • Shark – Just can’t get enough of this show
  • Dexter – Still on season 2, watching too many other shows but fantastic
  • Burn Notice – I love this show, just finished season 2
  • Smallville – Its back and kicking again
  • Gossip Girl – They are back and up to it again
  • Heroes – It has been worth the wait, now for more episodes
  • The Big Bang Theory – I love how funny these guys are.
  • Weeds –  Still in Season 2 and it just keeps getting better

Other Mentions:

  • Reaper – When it starts up again I’m going to follow it.
  • Chuck –  Funny as usual

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. nawaf

    I really like the big bang theory.. everyone has his own character with an amazing act. but sheldon is incredible! ;p

  2. The Mentalist is certainly promising and it has a decent rating in its premier. You do however want to add Fringe to your list. It’s no LOST, but it certainly has J.J. Abrams written all over it.

  3. wala im so happy all shows are starting
    barely time to keep up
    downloading one after the other

  4. the new Heroes is INSAAAAAAAAAANE mo 9ij mo 9ij
    and i really want to watch 90210

  5. lulu

    well I’m addicted to DIRTY SEXY MONEY Can’t GET ENOUGH, and ROME the second season Amazing

  6. Eddy

    u should start watching How I Met Your Mother…its a really good comedy…better than FRIENDS I’d say…

  7. Rashisha

    Gossip Girl KIcks Ass…
    I finished dexter and weeds they are awesome…
    Im almost done with how i met your mother season 3 .
    i wanna get gossip girl season 2 on itunes …just waiting for my cards tobe sent over… :)
    I wanna watch dirty Sexy Money and the next show im gonna start on will be 30 rock.

  8. didnt they stop Shark? because I have it till season 2 and then I read that they are stopping this show. If you have info its nice to know ^^

  9. jes

    fringe dude…jj abram…its like the new xfiles…the actors hav great chemistry on screen…

    then there’s…
    the cleaner(a former drug addict helps others to end their addictions)
    flashpoint(canada’s answer to SWAT)
    merlin(king Arthur of camelot..ring and bells)

    and dont forget
    house &
    the office

  10. Mohammed

    i recommend Entourage for you 9ij lay6ofik ;)

  11. I think Chuck sounds interesting…i should add it to the list:

    The Office
    South Park
    Big Bang Theory

  12. Q80 In Denver

    Marzouq .. have you seen FRINGE yet?

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