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TV Shows 09/08

There are a lot of TV shows out for this season, and this is just a small round up of the new shows and the ones that I’m watching.

New Shows:

  • Sons of Anarchy – Biker show with some interesting story, I like how it is.
  • 90210 – The new Beverly Hills show, it has some promise and from the first episode there is a lot of interesting drama. This time around all the kids are super rich with a lot of drama going on with some connection to the past 90210, The Peach Pit is still around, so its worth a watch.
  • True Blood – Vampires in a hilly billy situation wanting rights, a bit odd.
  • The Mentalist – A bit like House but a crime version of it, and for the first episode its pretty damn good. I think this is going to be a good one. A very smart man who just makes the right observations and goes with it, trying to track down a serial killer. There is an air of humor to the show which I like.
  • Worst Week – A really funny show for the first episode, I really couldn’t help myself laughing at all that was going on
  • Knight Rider – I tried, and I just couldn’t.

What I’m Watching:

  • BattleStar Galactica – Amazing Show
  • Shark – Just can’t get enough of this show
  • Dexter – Still on season 2, watching too many other shows but fantastic
  • Burn Notice – I love this show, just finished season 2
  • Smallville – Its back and kicking again
  • Gossip Girl – They are back and up to it again
  • Heroes – It has been worth the wait, now for more episodes
  • The Big Bang Theory – I love how funny these guys are.
  • Weeds -  Still in Season 2 and it just keeps getting better

Other Mentions:

  • Reaper – When it starts up again I’m going to follow it.
  • Chuck -  Funny as usual