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Review: Gun X Sword

Plot Summary: Armed with a metal sash that straightens into a sword, lanky swordsman Van is traveling through the desert, searching for the mysterious clawed man who killed his bride. Along the way he picks up a fellow traveler: Wendy, a young girl whose town he saves from bandits by summoning a mecha with his sword. Wendy is searching for her missing older brother, whose engraved gun she carries on her back. In their mutual quest they run afoul of more bandits and villains, a mysterious woman named Carmen99, and more mecha battles a la Wild West.

Van with his sword which is able to summon a powerful mecha in search of the man that killed his bride. Along the way Van keeps meeting people and they have their own quest which follows along with his. Its an action packed mecha anime where everything starts falling into line as the story progress. Its quite entertaining and the characters do develop, there is this silly humor going on but its part of the entertainment and builds up for one hell of a climax, and it does have its serious moments.

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