Review: Death Race

Jason Statham and cars is an automatic combination for a succesful movie. The title is just as it states, the United States just had an economic meltdown so private corporations have taken over a lot of the government roles and one of them is the penetentiary system. To make money out of the penetentiary system they have turned them into violent entertainment for the masses, and that resulted in the Death Race. The storyline is good, the acting is pretty good, and the action is nonstop. I do love the role that Jason Statham takes in this movie and how tough he is, he really is as strong as he looks. An action packed entertaining movie which is simple and to the point, if you like action then you will enjoy this movie.   


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  1. mulan

    i just saw it 2day, its good, and jason was hot in the prison scene =D

  2. Worth a rental, I guess.

    I do hope that Jason Statham be more open-minded for other roles. We all know he’s a terrific action actor but we really want him to explore other genres.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    eventhough this was outragously UNREALSTIC .. I can’t deny that I had A LOT OF FUN! :)


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