RSS Pile Up

If I don’t read my feeds at least every two days then this is what happens. With 1000+ posts to go through, about 600 are some that I skim through for motorcycle and gaming news, but then there are the ones that I really do read through them. It takes time but its pretty entertaining to say the least, who doesn’t enjoy going through their RSS feeds.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Glen D'Souza

    Export the entire feed in share it with everyone :)))

  2. I agree hehehe that’s why no matter how tired and exhausted I am I try my best to check up on the RSS feeds.

  3. Yeah, it does take a while to go through everything. That’s why I thought summarizing the Kuwaiti blogs would make life easier for some since I’ll already be spending the time :/

  4. jewaira

    When it gets too much, you just have to start deleting or marking as read.

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